Corn, corn, corn!

August 2, 2010

Two-toned, sweet corn on cob with a slather of butter and a pinch of salt on a warm summer evening is best eaten with your hands outside on a porch drinking a light lager in your shorts and jandals.

I told you there’s been some simple eating at home but this simple good eats is definitely worthy of a post and I’ll tell you why. Every summer in Quebec, there is a period where it’s corn season and you get these luscious two-toned corns that’s the sweetest in the world. I grew up knowing corn was available all year round in Malaysia but I never appreciated the unctuousness of a good cob until I came Montreal. The natural sweetness of ble d’indes are so delicious when eaten with butter that the crispness of the fresh kernels is unparalleled to any fruit or vegetable. And it is a complete meal when you’re too lazy and warm to cook in your kitchen. 🙂

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