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February 22, 2011

Hi, my name is Elaine and I blog at A Series of Kitchen Experiments, a food blog founded purely out of my love for cookery and food. And I am Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity; I was born in Penang but my family moved to Subang Jaya (20 mins away from Kuala Lumpur) when I was three but we went back to our hometown often. Most of my fondest childhood memories can be found in my late-grandparents house in Penang. You can say most of my culinary inspirations came from there. I have no official culinary training nor have I attended any cooking classes before. My kitchen beginnings was a humble one where I started as a reluctant volunteer in my grandmother’s and mother’s kitchen. Reluctance gave way to passion after years and here I am with my blog today.

I currently live with my husband, whom I refer to as P sometimes in my posts, in the beautiful city of North Vancouver, British Columbia. We have a feline companion named Aimee and two happy retrievers named Morgan and Mika.

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June 1, 2011 @ 8:10 pm

Oh my goodness gracious, I love your blog, I adore Montreal, and I now am inspired to try pasta from scratch after your recipe made it sound so darn easy! (Have tried the latter with my food processor, but a bowl and fork feels so darn authentic). I will certainly be following your blog and looking forward to future recipes.

happy cooking,

    June 4, 2011 @ 2:55 am

    Hey Lindsey, thanks for the kind words. Happy pasta making!

January 16, 2012 @ 7:17 pm

Hi Elaine, I was Googling “mushrooms marinated with balsamic vinegar” and stumbled across your site. Got me excited as I explored further; I’m a Malaysian currently living in Montreal (I go to McGill), and I used to live in Subang Jaya too. Just had to let you know that. 🙂 Take care, and congratulations on your wedding!

    January 19, 2012 @ 6:32 pm

    Hey Farihah, good to hear from another Malaysian in, of all places, Montreal! I was beginning to think Malaysians are avoiding Montreal because of the brutal winter we have here. Is this your first year in Montreal? Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

      March 29, 2012 @ 11:10 pm

      Hey Elaine, it’s actually my last few months here sadly! I’m graduating soon yaay. There will still be a bunch of other Malaysians here, though. How long have you lived here? 🙂

January 29, 2012 @ 1:38 pm

First, let me say, this is an awesome site and glad to see you are promoting social consciousness. Its tough to have globalized taste buds and a concience…those don’t always work well together, for me. I couldn’t imagine going back to life without mangos, really. I like that you do some fusiony stuff, which I usually hate in (especially in the hands of American chefs) but LOVE when done by people in Southeast Asia, (and China, places integral to the spice trades) where it seems to have happened so organically, overtime, (with food and culture) that fusion is a Malaysian tradition in its own right! I fell in love with Malaysia while visiting from Chengdu, where my girlfriend and I were teaching ESL –like going from one food heaven to the next. Going to KL, Penang, and Kota Baru was like finding the culinary Lost City of Gold or something, and I crammed as much street food, kuih dadar, and night market food into my face as I could fit–it was kind of a relief from the awesome but a bit repetetive chuan cai in Chengdu. Malaysia is almost everything I love about Asia in one beautiful and somehow not too tourist-driven country. Sadly, they don’t need a lot of foreign ESL teachers in Malaysia 🙁 Now I’m back in the states, the “melting pot” as some call it…compared to Malaysia though, its more like a “rendering vat” where most diverse cultures meet and seem to disintegrate into some flavorless, fatty substance (with a few exceptions)! I live in Burlington, Vermont and often make the trip to Montreal if I want decent food…which reminds me…PLEASE!! Do you know of ANY Malaysian food in Montreal?? I can’t find any in Boston (where I grew up) or NYC that comes close, and I’m disappointed every single time I hunt down some “authentic” spot in Queens. I’d even brag (and my gf will confirm) that I can make better Malaysian food than most of those places. I don’t know what they do wrong. It seems like they think their patrons won’t be able to handle the spices, the belachan and the otak udang and they use a lot of premade sauces and bland curry pastes.. Every time I meet someone from Malaysia or Singapore that is into cooking, I beg and plead with them to open a Malaysian restaurant. Someday, somebody will do it right and make a lot of money, and I’ll eat there everyday. Food rant over. Now, I’m gonna try one of your recipes.

July 24, 2012 @ 11:24 pm

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for tauhu masak lemak for my father-in-law . I’m from Singapore and currently living in Melbourne and I miss local food immensely! Have linked you on my blog and will probably be looking through your past entries for more local food recipes! 🙂


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